Taking the best Lime, Orange & Lemon flavors and exploiting as liqueurs!  Spirits infused with style & creating a movement!

Cráz will…

Produce the first impressive Lime flavored Cello in this market.

Not only do we have the old-time favorite of LímonCello, we have the first specially-crafted LīmCello, being the first Lime liqueur of its kind, and an invigorating OrángCello that is robust like no other! All proudly handmade right in Detroit. Scroll down to order online for certain states. Enjoy!

Blend a unique mixture of organic cane sugar and sugar alcohol.

This provides less carbs and lower glycemic index than the old recipe. All hand-crafted in Detroit, so more pure and a vivacious taste, with no additives, preservatives or coloring!  Why drink syrupy liqueurs?  Make a cocktail with Cráz Cellos and follow the lower sugar movement.


And lastly, work on innovative expansions.

LīmCello Seltzer- future product samples; will include all of our flavors. Test batches of Pre-Made Cocktails, our extraordinary syrups, used in cocktails, teas, cooking and more are all in the works.


Click below to order for delivery in many states! Then send a bottle of Cráz to a friend, make a cocktail together & catch up virtually!