Taking the best Lime, Orange & Lemon flavors and exploiting as liquors!

Cráz will…

Produce the first impressive Lime flavored Cello in this market.

Not only do we have the old-time favorite of LímonCello, we have the first specially-crafted LīmCello and an invigorating OrángCello! All proudly handmade right in Detroit. Scroll down to order online for certain states. Enjoy!

Blend a unique mixture of organic cane sugar and sugar alcohol.

This provides less carbs and lower glycemic index than the old recipe. All hand-crafted, so more pure and refreshing taste, with no additives, preservatives or coloring!

And lastly, work on innovative expansions.

LīmCello Seltzer- future product samples; will include all of our flavors. Test batches of Pre-Made Cocktails, our extraordinary syrups, used in cocktails, teas, cooking and more are all in the works.


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